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Eino is a very active young Namibian. He is an Oshiwambo speaking young man from Windhoek, with family ties in the deep North of Namibia.

He qualified as an ICT entrepreneur but have a number of caps on his head. He is a Business Development Consultant and ICT technician. He is also working as a protocol driver for the regional council, and he is involved in many other activities, all focused in improving the community around him.

Amongst other things, he has been involved in a number of IT projects, road safety projects, hiking projects and also hold qualification in hiking and professional defensive driving. He has spent some years looking after the family cattle, in a very remote and isolated region in Northern Namibia where communications were barely available. So, while a city boy, he also knows the life in different regions and settings in Namibia.

He is very keen on seeing his fellow countrymen tackling some of the issues he has identified in his country. And he has put a lot of thoughts and efforts in starting projects. He is full of energy and has a very effervescent personality. He is passionate about youth development and has, over the past 6 years, brought change to so many youth’s life, through motivational speaking, physical fitness activities and general assistance for young people to register companies to become self-employed and employers.

As part of some of his projects to date, he founded the Ondundu Development & Youth Adventure Initiative as well as the Namibia Mountain Speed Hiking Association. He is involved in many other projects, including climate education, road safety, gender-based violence prevention, that we hope to help him with.

Eino Eino

Back to Namibia – Speed Hiking


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