How can I help?

If you would like to support the work of “Bee the solution”, you can help in many ways:

-Provide service/support
-Make an in-kind donation
-Make a cash donation
-Become an active member

Service/support to “Bee the solution” can take many forms, but in essence, you contribute your time and/or expertise to assist us in running the best projects possible. Examples include: review of documents, assistance with setting up and maintaining the website and Facebook page, help with writing/communicating project details, fundraising, providing feedback on how projects are going, supporting the maintenance of the mobile office.

In-kind donations refer to donations of physical items to support a project in a community. These obviously vary depending on the project in question, but may include: books, stationery, computers, mobile phones, care items, clothes, chairs, tables, shoes, light bulbs, solar panels, solar batteries, wood, etc…

Cash donations cover any donation of money made to “Bee the solution”, either as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or cash.

By becoming an Active member, you show your continuous support to the projects. It also helps us in planning forward as we know we can rely on your membership fee for the following year.

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