How do we work?

“Bee the solution” work is conducted from a mobile office. This allows for an office to be set up anywhere where a project is needed, working directly with and within the communities.

Field work is paramount to successful feasibility, implementation and conduct of projects at local level. Information gathered while living with a community generally offers better insight on the issues that can hinder successful and sustainable projects. It also allows to better train the community members that will conduct the project, providing time to create relationships and ensure that training is understood and effective.

“Bee the solution” is not the owner of projects conducted. Our primary aim is to act as a liaison in supporting communities through the process of identifying issues/solutions, requesting funding, implementing and reporting projects. Members of “Bee the solution” can however be personally involved in some local projects and/or “Bee the solution” can partner with local NGOs/Institutions.

In certain situations, “Bee the solution” may also provide seed-funding via cash donations or in-kind donations to assist in kick-starting projects. This support will come from cash donations or through in-kind donation to “Bee the solution”.

Work is performed on the basis of voluntary consulting, and subventions come from donations and contributions towards the conduct of this work.

To increase community ownership of the project, a small consulting support fee is also charged to the community (this fee can be in-kind, through provision of lodging and food, and/or financial). This is done as a mean to insure that the community is taking responsibility for the project (nothing comes for free, what has been paid for, financially or not, will be more valuable than a free gift) and to help with providing support to other projects in other communities (in the spirit of “passing on the gift” received in the first place).

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