How will my donation be used?

In-kind donation
The items provided as in-kind support will be directly distributed to appropriate communities.

Cash* donation
The primary aim of “Bee the solution” is to support local communities in setting up projects and seeking funding for implementation.

A lot of work needs to be completed by “Bee the solution” in advance of funding being requested and available. To carry out this work, we travel to local communities, but we might also need to purchase small items to help conduct pilot projects to assess feasibility and sustainability of a project. Your contributions would be used towards covering travel costs, administrative needs and feasibilities.

For some projects, the funds required to start might not be high enough to warrant a grant request to bigger institutions. We aim to also support those projects through in-kind or cash* donation to “Bee the solution”.

The main use of your donation will be to support:

-Funding for office, lodging and food for initial work with communities (communities will also support cost of office, lodging and food during field work). All travel is done at minimum cost, using camp or communal areas and local cooking, etc,
-Cost of travel including but not limited to fuel and maintenance, tolls, ferry crossing, conservation fees, visa and border fees, etc,
-Administrative costs including but not limited to internet connections, stationery, printing, copying, etc,
-Cost of pilot projects requiring small items to be purchased to assess feasibility and sustainability before filing for fund requests and rolling-out to the whole community,
-Supporting small scale projects,
-Additional funding added to funding received through grant requests,
-Supporting initial set-up of a project for activities that need to be performed before grant requests can be done.

Example of small scale projects that can be conducted through in-kind/cash* donations:
-provision of books for a library project;
-provision of a computer for a library project;
-acquisition of stationery items to roll-out an educational project in schools;
-hiring of a professional for a day to present alternative activities such as hiking to youth experiencing alcohol and drug abuse issues;
-printing educational leaflets / boards to be distributed within the community;
-transport fees for community members when looking for support around their area;
-set-up of communication network (phone, internet) in isolated areas so that they can work on bigger project.

So in essence, like in every organisation, while funds are not all going for items for a project, they are still all going toward projects. Those also contribute to the local economy as all is spent in country, whether for visa, tolls or food and fuel and items for projects injecting more money in the country and working toward increased job sustainability.

*Cash donation: refers both to cash and EFT donations

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