Kariba Kapenta Atchar

These quantities are the ones we used to make a 150g mayonnaise jar

1 big handful of dried kapenta (to fill the jar)
2 generous tablespoon of Masala powder
1 generous tablespoon of Crushed Chillies (can use Chilli Powder) – quantities can be reduced or increased depending on how hot you want the atchar to be…
Cooking oil (3 tablespoon + top up of the jar)
White vinegar (about 1 cm)




Middle size is best

Place the dried kapenta in water for 5-10 minutes to remove excess salt (it still need to be salty)


Dry lightly on kitchen paper or clothe

2-dry-after-desalting-kapenta 2-dry-after-desalting-kapenta2

Add the kapenta to the jar


Add the Masala and chilli, salt and 3 tablespoon of oil
4-add-masala 4-add-masala2 5-add-chili 6-add-oil

Stir well.


Add the white vinegar
Fill the jar with cooking oil to cover the kapenta

8-done 8-tx 8-tx2

Can be consumed after 3 days.

As the jar was eaten quickly, we do not know how long we can keep it. Currently, it stayed at room temperature (hot…) for 1 week…


Enjoy with fried kapenta, Sadza (similar to polenta) and vegetables (variety of spinach, fried) – or with rice – or with a vegetable salad – or… let us know, how you eat them!
Fried your next batch of kapenta with the oil from the jar

9-enjoy 9-enjoy2 9-enjoy3 9-enjoy4