Kariba Mango Atchar


These quantities are the ones we used to make a 200g coffee jar

0-spices2 cups diced Mango (Green in our recipe)
3 generous tablespoon of Masala powder
2 generous tablespoon of Crushed Chillies (can use Chilli Powder) – quantities can be reduced or increased depending on how hot you want the atchar to be…
4 cloves of garlic, slightly crushed
2 teaspoon of salt
Cooking oil (3 tablespoon + top up of the jar)


Make sure that everything is clean and dry: knife and cutting board or plate, but also the jar/pot

Clean the mango and dry well


Cut the mango in cubes, with the skin

Around the pep, you can scrap all the flesh and add the ‘little’ pieces to the jar as well.
Once I was done, the pep was clean: no waste, more taste!


Add the Masala, chilli, garlic, salt and 3 tablespoon of oil
Stir well. You can do in the jar, but it is easier in a pot (and then, transfer to the jar)

4-add-spices 4-add-spices2 4-add-spices3 5-stir-well

Close the pot/jar, but leave to breathe a little (for the jar, just put the lid, do not tighten it)
Keep in a dry area for 2-3 days – the mango will release some juice

6-cover 6-cover2

Can be consumed after 1.5 days already, if you like it crunchy

After 3 days, fill with cooking oil to cover the mangoes and tighten the lid

You can keep at room temperature (even hot) for 1 week, then 1 month in the fridge


You can eat the atchar with any meal, as part of your vegetables. Or added to a vegetable salad, as dressing…

7-enjoy 7-enjoy2 7-enjoy3

You can also use the oil for cooking, adding different flavour tout your meal.
After transferring from the pot to the jar, I used the pot to cook my onions, without having to add more oil.