Marc – A heart big like that


Marc is 24. Marc is German. Marc is Namibian. And proud to be. He want to be part of a growing Namibia.

Marc mainly grew up around the Atlantic coast of Namibia. He came to Bushmanland 2 years ago to visit his dad and fell in love with the area and the people. But he also felt sad for the children there, who cannot see a brighter future.

He came back with the wish to help the San children to have the same chance than any others in building a future in Namibia.
He has discussed the support of the conservancy chief and was granted land to develop. In the past few months, he has started to build a house in the bush and he plans to develop it into a youth development centre for the children in the area.


To achieve what he dreams about, Marc has left a busy city life to live in complete isolation in this part of the world. No cellphone signal, no internet, no water, no electricity, no town nearby, no transport… Some of those he will be working on to address when setting up the centre: getting a borehole for him and the community around, investigating the communication network to link this region to the rest of the world, energy efficient production/use of electricity, activities for the community….

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I have started helping with the set-up and hopefully we will make the centre a reality and a place of growth in the bush of Namibia.

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