Namibia – Speed Hiking

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We supported a young entrepreneur in organising the first Speed Hiking Competition in Namibia. This young entrepreneur has a lot of ideas to help his community and one of them was geared toward helping the young generation to live an healthy life and stay away from drugs. He had already set-up a youth development initiative working in the nature around Windhoek and through this venture, he wanted to create regular hiking activities. The aim was also to promote the beautiful nature surrounding the city of Windhoek, getting young people (and older too) outside the city, in nature, while ensuring safety of the hikers. The first competition was successfully held in June 2015 and over 30 competitions have been held in the following year. The number of participant is ever increasing and he succeeded in generating a growing enthusiasm for outdoors activities and healthy living.

Come meet Eino, passionate about helping the youth in his city.

Eino – Active Entrepreneur

Eino – Ideas/Projects

Eino – Speed Hiking

Ondundu Youth Development Organization

Ondundu — 2016 Competition Draw

Eino – Speed Hiking growing strong

Eino – Speed Hiking welcoming Children with impairments (Sep 2017)

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