Ondundu Youth Development Organization

Back to Namibia – Speed Hiking

By Eino Mbango



Ondundu Youth Development Organization was initiated as Ondundu Development and Youth Adventure Initiative as a youth organization Not for Gain (Non-Profit), in Windhoek, Namibia.
However, in 2007, the idea was conceptual until the initial visit to one of the closest city hills in Windhoek (Kaiser-Wilhelm Hill) occurred.

Ondundu Youth Development was founded by 4 young Namibians with the aim to:
(1) spearhead and support the youth & the elderly to achieve development by using recreational ideas that can maintain our physical activeness through the sports code of speed hiking,
(2) ensure a positive understanding of our city’s historical diversities and related cultures, domestic and international tourism programs, as well as
(3) promote the spirit of physical fitness, environment awareness and promoting living a healthy lifestyle.

Ondundu is affiliated to Khomas Regional Youth Forum (KRYF) in accordance with the National Youth Council that deals with day to day activities of youth development at regional level. Ondundu Youth Development Organization is committed to promote Sustainable International and Domestic Tourism (SIDT) within Namibia followed by the need to provide opportunities for the youth in sports and recreational developments.

I further would like to encourage the young people of the Republic of Namibia to start committing their most valued time towards studying and to move away from conditions that involve crime and alcohol abuse, amongst others.

Ondundu Youth Development will ensure that local individuals from different indigenous backgrounds are encouraged to contribute towards the development of this natural leisure centre as many would call it or Historical Hiking Arena, so that it to become something that will contribute to the country’s economy on behalf of the youth.

The founders continuously conducted preliminary research of the site on several occasions in search for ways to enhance the routes and existing footpaths for speed hiking competition. They successfully achieved to host around 45 speed hiking editions already, since the first one in June 2015. These events involve family hikers and friends as hikers and the intermediate social living industry.

We wish to thank our valued sponsors, from corporate to Government organizations such as: Namwater, Nampower, Cymot, City of Windhoek – Municipality, AA Namibia, Pupkewitz Catering, Angolan Embassy, Otesa Civil Engineering, Novel Ford Windhoek, Office of the Prime Minister, Office of the Govenor – Office of the Mayor, NBC and One Africa for their support over the past few years.


A bit of history – Creation Milestones
Conceptual idea of a Youth Development and Adventure Initiative.

Creation of Ondundu Youth Development and Adventure Initiative. The research initially started in January 2009, and an application to acquire the area was presented to the City of Windhoek for processing. The interest to plough back into community development is our key mandate, like education is a key to develop our resources and it must therefore be promoted and endorsed at all levels of intellectual nation building and capacity building.

In 2010, the Ondundu Youth Development Organization further made appointments with the Ministry of Education to seek for advice on how this initiative can contribute to the strengthening of the education sector in the following fields: Natural Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, Arts and Practical experiences in life skills as well as Sports and Culture.
The youth organization, on the 21st October 2010, further earned acknowledgement and a letter of support to engage young learners in activities that will enhance their holistic development on a freelance scale from the Ministry of Education – Directorate of Khomas. In addition, Ondundu has presented the benefits of the initiative concept to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and in this presentation, the Namibia Tourism Board was also present to give comments on the initiative.

On the 6th of May 2011, the Khomas Regional Council formally/officially offered to provide assistance and support in the initiative as they see great potential of growth and benefits from the initiative for the region and country. Accordingly conducting research on how to collectively involve practical solutions to pave the way forward for developments was a challenge that provided a positive momentum. We must support social developments that are able to bring sustainable developments at all levels, especially to the young people of our country.

Back to Namibia – Speed Hiking