Everyone holds a key to solving his/her problem. There is a solution to starting and solving most problems.
In many cases however, people do not realise that there can be a solution/improvement to their situation or that they have the key. Some of the barriers to improvement include:
– lack of information about available options
– lack of knowledge on how to design and implement projects
– lack of funding for implementation of projects
– poor self-confidence, communities thinking that they cannot achieve something by themselves
– lack of vision for a better future, lack of encouragement

The heart of “Bee the Solution” work is based on the belief that everyone can contribute to improving their community, at all levels, and work to be the solution. No step is too small and all actions contribute to the greater good of communities.
While external support is warranted at some point, especially financially, we believe that communities can also find support within themselves, if only the strength and courage to start.

The ambition of “Bee the Solution” is to link with communities and help them help themselves in identifying issues, working on potential solutions and supporting implementation of local projects.
Community involvement is paramount to successful and sustainable project implementation.

The aim of “Bee the Solution” is to facilitate community access to support and assist with the design and implementation of projects. The community should remain the main stakeholder of their project. Only the community can identify issues and workable solutions in the local setting. The most successful projects are done by communities for their community and the sense of ownership is paramount for achieving successful and sustainable support.

While the best work/ideas come from within the community, we encourage sharing of ideas. Different experiences shared can bring a lot of new ideas. And many in the community have different views, which when put in the open can lead to a new common view and/or solution. Often the simplest solution is the most effective to start with, which can be improved as the response is growing and solution proves to be sustainable.

To that effect, the objectives of our work are to:
* encourage communities in sharing ideas, views and identifying problems and solutions in the local setting
* encourage communities in feeling empowered to find and implement solutions
* encourage community involvement in acting towards implementation of solutions
* support communities in the implementation of sustainable practices/improvements
* train communities in project implementation, conduct and reporting

Philosophy was originally published on Projects @ Bee the solution