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Namibia / Speed Hiking Competition
We supported a young entrepreneur in organising the first Speed Hiking Competition in Namibia. This young entrepreneur has a lot of ideas to help his community and one of them was geared toward helping the young generation to live an healthy life and stay away from drugs. He had already set-up a youth development initiative working in the natural environment around Windhoek and through this venture, he wanted to create regular hiking activities. The aim was also to promote the beautiful nature surrounding the city of Windhoek, getting young people (and older too) outside the city, in nature, while ensuring safety of the hikers.

The first competition was successfully held in June 2015 and over 30 competitions have been held in the following year. The number of participant is ever increasing and he succeeded in generating a growing enthusiasm for outdoors activities and healthy living.

Namibia / Bushmanland Youth Development Centre
Education and literacy are major issues in Bushmanland, Namibia. A young Namibian has at heart to create a youth education centre in this remote area. Children are faced with many issues and school drop-out is common. The aim of the centre is to equip the children with life skills and adequate levels of literacy so that they can remain in school and later integrate with the rest of the country’s economy.

We are currently working on the creation of a voluntary association and planning all details of the centre, making the dream a closer reality.

This project will have a positive impact on child development (including confidence, motivation, health, education), as well as long-term environmental conservation. It will also create a positive impact on the health and wealth of the community through job creation, entertainment activities, increased access to resources.

Namibia / Omatako Rest Camp
A community-run campsite has been subject to damages and the community is struggling to get it going again. One main reason is the lack of knowledge/vision about what to do and how to manage the small revenue that they receive from occasional campers to save the money needed for repairs. A few suggestions have been made and the community is keen on taking them on but need support in doing so. Time is needed to stay with the community in order to provide motivational/confidence support as well as technical expertise.

Conduct of the project will increase positively the health and wealth of the community through income generation activity as well as improved confidence and self-sufficiency.

Namibia / Out of school activities – Details to come

Namibia / Test in house farming – Details to come

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