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Zimbabwe / Use of solar energy to replace fuel-generators on kapenta fishing rigs
We have been asked to look at the potential upgrade of the current generator-produced electricity for kapenta fishermen in Kariba, along the shore of Lake Kariba. We are currently busy with feasibility of such a project.

Current work needing to be carried out includes:
-Assessing the feasibility to use solar energy and source material.
-Creation of a local structure to implement the use of solar panels.
-Compilation of grant requests.

If successfully assessed and implemented in Zimbabwe, similar projects can be assessed and rolled-out in Zambia, also along the shore of Lake Kariba and in Malawi and Mozambique.

We have collected basic information on the fishing technique, lights requirement, interest, status of the fishing in the area and are currently working on finding a potential solar system that could replace the current generator and lights.

This project will create positive impacts on environment (air and noise pollution), health of the fishermen, economy in the area and at country level. It will be sustainable, with the cost of the set-up paid off by individuals, therefore not relying on future grants.


Zimbabwe / Pickle and Jam
We have created and tested some recipe for pickle and jam in the town we were staying in, in Zimbabwe. The outcome has been a great success and people who saw the production and tested it are more than enthusiastic to do it themselves as they really like it.

Step-by-step recipes are posted on the website and arrangements are being worked out to bring the necessary spices to this town.

We were asked to make more demonstration (to more people) during our next stay.


Zimbabwe / Computer Classes
We have been approached by a young entrepreneur in Zimbabwe who wants to share his technological knowledge and teach computer classes for free to his community. We are currently helping him setting up the CBO required to start such a venture.

This project will have a positive impact in the community, providing new skills for potential employment, giving access to digital learning (both online and offline) and support the youth in their study to successfully pass their exams.

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