What is “Bee the solution” in short?

“Bee the solution” is a Not for Profit Organization (NPO) registered in France under number W111004293 since January 2016 (published in the Official Bulletin in March 2016), working in the field of International solidarity. Our current work is focused in Southern/Eastern Africa.

Our Vision is that communities can “Bee the solution” to improving their situation. Our Goal is to help local communities in identifying, designing and implementing sustainable solutions for improving their conditions through field work.

Through “Bee the solution” and the communities we work with, we want to:
– understand local issues, learn about local solutions and barriers to implementation, share knowledge gathered in different settings,
– work with communities to best use local resources,
– aid in design of projects and completion of funding requests,
– assist with project implementation,
– provide training in methods and tools required to successfully conduct and report the projects,
– support feedback to communities and donors.

“Bee the solution” work is conducted from a mobile office. This allows for an office to be set up anywhere where a project is needed, working directly with and within the communities.

“Bee the solution” is not the owner of projects conducted. Our primary aim is to act as a liaison in supporting communities through the process of identifying issues/solutions, requesting funding, implementing and reporting projects. Members of “Bee the solution” can however be personally involved in some local projects and/or “Bee the solution” can partner with local NGOs/Institutions.
In certain situations, “Bee the solution” may also provide seed-funding via cash donations or in-kind donations to assist in kick-starting projects.

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