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The mysteries of life made me meet Eino at a workshop in Windhoek (Namibia) where we were both having tyre balancing done…

As we were waiting, we got to discuss and later on Eino sent me a list of of few projects that he had in mind / was trying to get off the ground. As I mentioned before, Eino is a very active entrepreneur and the “short” list he sent me was quite impressive.

He is involved in a number of projects – and the areas of reach are quite wide… Namibia is a growing nation. Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that needs tackling to continue improving life in the communities. And Eino is prolific in looking at different areas. He has a lot of ideas and a very good feel for solutions that can be implemented. He will benefit from some support in making it happen, even if he has a good grip in starting.

The main issues that Eino is looking at addressing are listed below, and he has started with all of them, now at different levels of progress:
– Gender-Based Violence in communities
– Youth unemployment
– Poverty eradication in rural areas of different constituencies
– Loss of livestock due to lightning and/or drought or road accidents
– High road accident rate
– Alcohol and Drug abuse amongst the youth
– Lack of community health centres
– Lack of rural community libraries
– Lack of Climate Change Educational Material Supply

We are hoping to provide support at different levels to many (if not all) of those areas, and we have started on a few already.


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