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Back to Namibia – Speed Hiking

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The last post I made on Speed Hiking (above) was nearly a year ago. Speed Hiking is blooming in Windhoek!

The event is growing in popularity and has been featured several time on TV. You can find a short recording from Sep 2017 here.

The whatsapp group is very active and people are always excited when it is time for the hike. The events are now scheduled once a month and the hikers community is growing.

The objectives set for the Speed Hiking competition were:

  • To encourage local communities to take part in sports initiatives, and to live a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the young and the elderly to exercise.
  • To promote the use of surrounding hiking trails provided by the City of Windhoek.
  • To diversify sporting activities with other unique sports codes such as hiking.
  • To raise funds for charity organizations and wilderness therapy related non-profit organizations of school going or school dropouts

They are ticking every box, with more and more people joining in. Everyone is enjoying the hikes and want more of them. Many are sharing healthy lifestyle tips and encouragement. Hiking is becoming a growing activity in the city.

One of the benefit of the organised Hikes is the safety of hikers – the mountains have been a place where people have been robbed when hiking alone or in small groups and this has been discouraging many to take on hiking. The monthly hikes with Ondundu is alleviating this risk, with security on site and the power of a big group.

And the organisation is working with more and more organisations in Windhoek to continue promote hiking and its benefits.

If you are in Windhoek, living or visiting, you can check the website and/or Facebook. 

The next event will be welcoming very special kids… More about it in a special post: Speed Hiking welcoming Children with impairments.

You can find out more about the Ondundu Youth Development Organization here.

Back to Namibia – Speed Hiking




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