Eino – Speed Hiking: They did it!!!

Back to Namibia – Speed Hiking

 As we mentioned previously, the Speed Hiking event that took place on 30 September in Windhoek, Namibia, welcomed special guests: The Môreson Special School for the cognitively or physically Impaired.

We only used this particular hike to promote hiking in general and to continue encouraging Eino and the Namibian Hikers in sharing their spirit of friendship and encouragement that is always very present during those hikes.

The last hike was as great as usual. The youth from Môreson blended with the other hikers – and like always, for everyone:

They made it to the top!


It was a great day for all, and everyone enjoyed the hike. From early wake up to final instructions, via distribution of drinks, everyone is ready to hike.

All participants from all walk of life had a great time. As one of the hiker said it:

Those kids were so awesome. Had a blast on Saturday

It is about your achievement, but also about the support and encouragement you receive in reaching your goal.

On behalf of all participants:

Thanks Eino for having started this adventure and for keeping it going with such passion!

Check the spirit in this short video


Note: For those who asked, we were unfortunately not participating as we are not in Namibia at this time. But we are part of the group and we can follow the great spirit that comes with every hikes.


Photos provided by Eino.

 Back to Namibia – Speed Hiking



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