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Meet Gabby : Gabby – Village Photographer

I met Gabby when I first came to Zambia. I was told about the NGO he works for and went there for a few days. A place where I now come every time I am in the country, with such a wonderful team and project (Homes 4 AIDS Orphans).

Gabby and volunteers Gabby and kids

I was helping (or trying to anyway…) to build a mud house under his supervision with other volunteers. Gabby was carrying his camera around his neck all the time. We had kids helping (well… doing a much better job than us initially!!), all in good spirits and laughter. Kids are crazy about pictures and they posed over and over again, loving to see the results on the camera screen. That evening, I decided to print the pictures for them, so that they had a more lasting memory that they could keep. As we had around 20 kids for the pictures, I could not afford to print full size pictures for all, so I decided to print picture ID size, 8 per post card size print. Each kids would have 2 different pictures together from the day. So I set up my printer and my computer to work on those pictures.

Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kid Kids

This is when Gabby told me that he was also the village photographer, and that he had the same printer! So we started talking and as I was showing him what I was doing, he found it great but he could not do the same as he did not have a computer. This was unfortunate as you can do so much more through a computer, such as photo-collage and adding name, date, occasion etc… to the pictures.


We discussed a lot and I left the village with the thought that Gabby would have difficulties to source a computer, both in term of finance (his cumulative incomes allows him to support his family, but not in luxury) but also in term of opportunity to find one. And so, while I left the village in body, my mind was still with him. And I thought about an old laptop back home that no-one was using and that I could get to him on my next visit……

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