Hector – Mysterious ways…

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Meeting Hector for the first time in December 2015 was not the best time ever…: my computer and camera had just been stolen… and Hector was one of the few people in town that might see it come through as one of the computer guys…

So the first year, Hector was ‘only’ someone would could potentially help me getting my data and pictures back (more important than the devices themselves). For a couple of weeks, while I was still staying there, I keep popping into his shop to ask. Well, after a while, I was not even asking any more… my desperate look would speak for itself… And when I left, I also ask someone else to check with Hector.

No luck on that front. Nothing was ever recovered. And I did not go back to the shop the following year to check. But life works in mysterious ways. And I met Hector again when I went to town and picked-up something from him for someone else.

As we were discussing, he asked me what exactly I was doing. He remembered me talking about data and a project last year. And he is busy with trying to set-up his project. So maybe… He gave me a brief heads-up of what he had in mind and some documents he downloaded and wrote so that I could have an idea. Something to do with giving computer classes.

And the next day, the lack of computers and learning possibilities in town came up as I was driving home a secondary school student living next to me…

Hector project is responding to a community need that was just phrased to me at the same time… the need and the solution coming together…. I came back to see Hector and we started looking at the set-up together.

And just to point an amusing fact: Hector and Mabasa are cousins. They have been talking about my computer and me, but never realised that I was the one and only person they were talking about until then. Small world… always… (and to understand better why this is an interesting situation here: While Kariba is one town, it is actually made of different areas (like small towns) separated by the bush. Hector and Mabasa live in two different “towns”, 13 km apart… but still Kariba).



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