Kakuyu – Masai warrior

Kakuyu is a proud Masai warrior from Losirwa in Tanzania. This village is next to the town of Mto Wa Mbu, gateway to Lake Manyara and the Ngoro Ngoro Crater (close to the Seregentti Park).


Like most warriors, Kakuyu looks after his cheptel in the harsh plains of Tanzania, looking for best pastures, which can present many challenges especially during the dry season. While living the traditional culture, Kakuyu has also embraced modern life and he is very clued up (more than me) in the use of current communication technologies such as Whatsapp and Facebook. This does present some challenges as there is no electricity in the village.

One of the reasons we met was his language skills: he speaks Masai, Swahili and English and was our translator when I first arrived in the village.

Kakuyu is very keen to improve the life of the village, especially for the women who carry a lot of the work. When we first met, Kakuyu did explain to me that the Masai women where the ones doing most of the work in the village. The women are true multi-taskers, being the ones who:
– fetch water and wood,
– look after the children and the village, which include cooking, washing, cleaning…,
– build the houses and perform maintenance on them,
– make all the famous beading jewellery, either for use or for sale.


After we came to the village with a cooker that will reduce the use of wood and therefore reduce the burden on the women, he was very keen in helping to provide the women with it. He remained in contact with me, and I came back to help him setting up production. He became the coordinator for the Masais in the area to start organising this production.


Kakuyu also has some land near Mto Wa Mbu and want to develop it as a campsite that will provide employment opportunities for his community.

Another point that we have started to look into with Kakuyu is provision of solar energy for lights and charging of small devices (mobile phone, radios…).

We are keen in continuing helping him in his efforts to improve the life of others around him.


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