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The talk of using solar energy instead of diesel generator for the kapenta fishing rig has brought hope to a lot of fishermen in Kariba. We also have support on the ground from non-fishermen who want to help as they also see the project as a benefit to the community.

Mabasa is the instigator of this project and details about him can be found here. He is very keen in seeing the project go through.

alex1_1_1Alex is working at the camp where I stay when in Kariba. I have known him since the first time I came and he is very interested by the project. He is from Kariba and beside his night shift at the campsite, he is involved in many activities in town during the day. One keen to help others, he has volunteered his time to speak with the fishermen and collect information. And he will be involved in the development of the project. His connections and commitment will be invaluable! And I already owe him a lot as he rescued me from an elephant on my first day in Kariba, which is how we met.

leiton1_1Laiton is a Malawian who came to Kariba as a child and never left. As far as he is concerned, he is from Kariba, and doing a lot for the community. Beside his work in the tourism industry, which involve also high commitment in the development/promotion of the tourism in the area, he is very active on many fronts. He is supporting the community on the literacy side with a small library, writes business and legal documents, help with legal disputes, etc… but above all, he is an endless source of knowledge in the region. When we first met, he provided me with information and history on the creation of the lake and on the fishes and different fishing occurring on the lake, to give me some background in the understanding of the area. And since, he has been an invaluable insight on different aspects of the fishing and life of fishermen.

dave1_1-2Dave and Dave… They are two fishermen owing a number of rigs each. They are very supportive and keen to help. They already had the idea of using solar but have not managed to see it through. So it is with pleasure that we share information when we meet and they more than willing to conduct testing once we are ready.




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