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During my stay in Livingstone in 2017, I stumbled upon Lameck. We were just sitting in the backpacker office. He was waiting for a friend while I was (trying) to do some computer work. And we started talking… (hence why I say “trying” to do computer work…)

Lameck is a construction builder and lives in Livingstone, Zambia. He is originally from a small fishing village some 250 km north, on the Zambezi river.

From a tourism perspective, Livingstone is a buzzing city, gateway to the famous (and impressive!) Victoria Falls. There is a hip of activities, from relaxing sunset cruise to adrenaline rush bungee jumping and rafting. Tourism activities generate an important income and one could think that the city is “rich” and people are better off than in more remote areas.

But there are also less privileged areas in the city, like in many places.

Working and living in the community, Lameck can see every day those people that are struggling, in particular orphans and people with disabilities. For example, orphans are sometimes taken in by relatives but living conditions are not good, they cannot always attend school and often become street children.

With some of his friends in the community, they want to take action and care for those less privileged around them. He briefly told me what he saw, what he is doing and what he had in mind… I was leaving the next day but knew that I would be back a few days later. So we arranged to meet again so that we could discuss more in details what he (they) had in mind, where they were at, what we could do to support them.


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