Marc – How it all started

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I went to the N≠a Jaqna conservancy in Bushmanland, Namibia, for the first time in June 2015. I was helping someone for her research thesis, being the driver, camp manager, research assistant and friend. When I was not busy with this, I had plenty of kids coming to my “living room” (i.e. around Maya) to play, write or listen to stories. This is another story but this was my introduction to the children of the area…

While in the village that year, I briefly met John, a Namibian from the coast, who originally came here on construction work. While he is still busy with building in the area, he has many hats and provides a lot of support around.

The following year (2016), I kept my promise to the kids and came back. As I spent more time with John, he told me that I could maybe help his son, Marc, with his idea/project. He briefly described it to me and we set off to the farm to meet with Marc.

Meeting Marc was a delight! He was so enthusiastic and motivated about his project! It is heart warming to meet young people like him: leaving everything and completely change their life to fulfill their dream to help others.

After coming the first time to Bushmanland, he had at heart to build a Youth Development centre for the children of the area.

This is a project that would help the children to grow into more efficient and productive adults, showing them a wider perspective than the village where they grow up.

Talking about the children is another story in itself, but from my meeting with some of the children in my two stays around here, I can definitively relate to the need and see how a centre could be beneficial.

While Marc is not a bushman himself, not being originally from the community, his project still found a way in my heart and I believe that this would be beneficial for the community at large, and eventually it will be run with the community.

So in July 2016, we had started brainstorming his centre, discuss his ideas, looked at what and how it can be done. We looked at the “administrative” side of it as well, which is the next most important step (after getting the ideas in order…).

When I left at the end of July 2016, I had started writing the Constitution for the Voluntary Association that will be needed as the first stone of building the centre.

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